$0XDX will serve as the native token for the 0xdx NFT options platform and will be launched on Arbitrum’s Mainnet to facilitate integration with the 0xdx platform. A second, non-transferable/tradeable, $ve0XDX will exist as a voting & governance token for the DAO. In case you didn't know, 've' stands for 'voter escrowed.'


Platform Interaction Rewards

Users will receive bonus $0XDX based on their transactional and payout volume to further incentivize efficient trading. Payout rewards will be calculated based on total volumes at the end of each month and available for each user to claim through the dashboard.

Stake Pools

Through staking $0XDX in our designated pool, users will benefit from transaction volumes, gain voting power and bonus COIN for use in our marketplace. Pools will have optional time-based lockup periods to multiply certain rewards.

  • Earn $ETH – 20% of platform revenue in ETH distributed proportionally back to stakers

  • Earn $ve0XDX - The governance token of the DAO to vote on PIPs. Time-based lockup multipliers will apply to earned $ve0XDX

  • Earn COIN – The off-chain currency used for our Rewards & Marketplace. Time-based lockup multipliers will apply to earned COIN.

*Early withdrawal penalties will apply to users who unstake before their time-based staking contract is finished

$0XDX Deflation

From Mainnet launch, a % of revenue generated from 0xdx will be designated to buy-back and burn tokens from secondary markets. The portion used for BBnB is subject to change as per proposals from the DAO.


Ever since our team started building in Web3, we've emphasized the importance of community lead initiatives and feature proposals. Holders of $0XDX will be able to vote on new features and implementations as proposed by the DAO.

The strongest members in the 0xdx community will eventually form the DAO Council and ensure our users are represented and their voice is heard. If you have a desire to be one of these members, engage, assist, and participate as an active user of the platform. We have systems in place to measure levels of participation.

$ve0XDX will be the governance token of the DAO, accrued through staking $0XDX. Users have the choice to initiate a lockup period for their stake to multiply their $ve0XDX. We’re currently evaluating numerous voting mechanisms to ensure proportionately scaled weighting and fairness exists for DAO PIP’s. (Platform Improvement Proposals).

Marketplace Rewards

Our off-chain platform currency, COIN, earned by interacting on 0xdx, will remain the currency of choice for Marketplace rewards. However, holders of certain minimums of $0XDX may gain access to higher-tier rewards.

Early Adopters Incentive

We have allocated a generous portion of the Total Supply of $0XDX to Community Incentives. With Testnet underway, now is the perfect time to position yourself for the $0XDX airdrop. Activities that will increase your allocation of community rewards are, but not limited to:

  • Speculating on NFT collections via buying/selling options contracts. Note: we can detect spam contracts that don't bring value to the community

  • Receiving payouts for expired options

  • Providing and engaging in critical discussion and feedback within discord

  • Obtaining specific Discord roles related to the completion of each seasons' Battle Pass


With an evolving investment climate and regulatory environment, 0xdx reserves the right to make modifications to any of the above parameters regarding the $0XDX token.

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