Making 0xdx fun, interactive and rewarding

0xdx: Gamified

To ensure trading option contracts and Decentralized Speculation is engaging for our users, we're gamifying aspects of 0xdx and rewarding users with tangible and non-fungible rewards!

Battle Pass Season 2 - Testnet

Similar to what you would find in games like Apex Legends or Call of Duty: Warzone. We've designed 50 unique levels with in-platform items to enhance your DeSpec experience.

Progressing your Battle Pass directly relates to your future allocation of airdropped $0XDX. Reach level 50 to max out your rewards for S2

Generating XP & COIN

Below is a breakdown of the actions that will grant you XP & COIN. For most of the actions on 0xdx, XP and COIN will be subject to diminishing returns for the first three times a user executes the action to ensure fairness and balance. These actions reset every 24 hours.


Create a Buy Or Sell Order



Fill (Match) an Option



Payout Option



Daily Free Claim



Note: The questing rewards are subject to change over time to incent user behaviour. Keep an eye on the Rewards tab on 0xdx for updates


Here's a list of the items you can obtain through the Battle Pass:

  • COIN

  • XP

  • Raffle Ticket

    • Used for entering raffles in the Marketplace

  • 3 Mystic Orbs

    • Activate to enter into a mysterious chamber with chances to win secret items

  • Double XP token

    • Activate to gain 2x XP on all platform actions for 24 hours

  • Potion of Speculation

    • Consume to gain 2x COIN on all platform actions for 24 hours

  • Elixir of Liquidity

    • Instantly reset Daily Free Claim

  • Holographic Coin

    • ...

Crafting Materials

  • Silkworm Silk

  • Istanbul Spice Mix

  • Layer 2 Ethereal Metadata

  • Lamb Shank

  • Blockchain Batter

  • Mystic Moonstone

  • AI-Generated Egg

  • Chunk of Obsidian

  • Malachite Ore

  • Truesilver Ore

  • Smoked Rice

Crafting Recipes

Blockchain Brownies

  • Resets your quest to Fill/Match an order

Lavish Turkish Platter

  • Guarantees 1x 3 Mystic Orbs upon leveling up


Testnet S1:

  • Bridgerr Amulet of NFT Analytics

    • Chance to win a higher quantity of raffle tickets from the Daily Free Claim

  • Cryptic Silk Vest of Speculation

    • Double the chance for a rare item within the mysterious chamber

  • Derivatives Master Robes

    • ... Acquired at Battle Pass level 50

Testnet S2:

  • Striking Gauntlets of Price Discovery

    • 10% Reduced price for COIN >> Raffle Ticket conversion

  • Robust Helm of Optionality

    • +1 to all attributes

  • Speculator's Signet

    • Generates 1x Raffle ticket every 10 days. Must be equipped consecutively

Expect to see the amount of items, crafting materials and gear increase over time

General Store

A place where you can spend COIN to purchase crafting materials from current and previous seasons... Coming Soon


As you may... Speculate, some items can be combined. Discover the recipe through our crafting cube:


You'll need somewhere to hold your items! You can find your inventory under your Profile.


The currency used on 0xdx for rewards in our bespoke Marketplace. COIN can also be exchanged for Raffle Tickets at a rate of 1000 COIN for 1 Raffle Ticket.


Spend your COIN and raffle tickets in our bespoke Marketplace stocked with Web2/Web3, physical & phygital items.

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