The First NFT Options DEX


0xdx is designed for NFT traders who desire additional financial instruments to take advantage of the current meta’s deficiencies. DeSpec, short for Decentralized Speculation, is a new form of NFTFi enabling the trading of NFT options contracts intended to unlock additional profit potential for NFT investors.

Long or short Blue Chip collections available on 0xdx with variables you’re comfortable setting like Strike Price, Size and Expiry Date all priced in ETH. With 0xdx, there is no need to stake your NFT as collateral. Continue reading for a technical overview of the mechanisms behind the platform.

Being in the NFT space for over a year has unearthed the sector's biggest hurdles with NFT trading/speculating/degening:

  • You can’t short NFTs. Up is the only profit maker. What choice do you really have if you’re bearish on a collection?

  • 99% of NFT investors have zero exposure to Blue Chip projects. How can you capitalize on that new partnership or development Yuga Labs has been hinting at? You don’t have 100ETH lying around do you...?

  • Hedging against downward price movement isn’t possible. You speculate a drop in floor price is coming, but you don’t want to sell your Ape. What are your... options?

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